Premier excess payback 


1 Insurance cover

The Insurer covers the insured for the reimbursement of the excess left in charge of the Insured as respects material damages to the bareboat rented resulting from one of the events indicated hereafter:
  • External damage to the bareboat resulting from an impact with a fixed or mobile body,
  • Accidental impact of the anchor to the hull of the boat,
  • Fire, explosion, or forces of nature of an exceptional magnitude causing damages to the boat,
  • Damages to and accidental ripping of the sails occurred while sailing with winds not above Number 8 on the Beaufort scale (wind or wave height).
Damages must mandatorily be mentioned on the official logbook and be confirmed through a declaration to the rental company as soon as the boat is given back, forfeit applicable in the event of failure to comply, and to the broker Administrator within 5 working days.

The damages must have been caused solely by the skipper or by the Person in charge named on the Certificate to a bareboat rented to duly agreed rental company.

2 Effective date, duration, and termination of coverage

The policy must be concluded at the time of booking the trip or the boat rental and at the latest after a 15 days cooling-off delay after signature.
However in case of a specific requirement to the broker administrator by way of a hand written letter, the cover might be granted at the date of the requirement, after study.

2.1 Duration of the insurance cover

The cover is granted for the period of time the boat is rented, as indicated on the Certificate, and provided that the insurance premium has been paid in full at the date the cruise starts.

3 Maximum liability, limitations and excess amount in charge of the insured

3.1 Maximum liability

The maximum liability of the insurer equals to 80 % of the amount of the bareboat insurance excess as indicated in the contract and up to 5.000 € per claim with a minimum of 200 €.

3.2 Excess amount in charge of the insured
  • For any claim under this insurance, the deductible in charge of the insured equals to 20% with a minimum of 200 €.
  • In case of a race with crew, the minimum deductible is upgraded to 40% of the total damages with a minimum of 500 €.
  • In case of deliberate fault or collision with a materialized threshold to the entry into a marina, collision with a fixed floating spot of harbor facilities or heeling, the deductible is 30%.
  • In case of damages of the scratches of hull, or gel coat, torn sail, jib or genoa sail (not resulting to a damage affecting the ship itself), the deductible is 30%.
  • Sails: in case of repairable ripping, the deductible is 30% of the amount of repair ; in case of destruction, the compensation is based of the total amount of the sail, deducted outdatedness with a deductible of 30%.

4 Territorial limits

Coverage or benefits under the present contract apply everywhere in the world.


The insurance coverage will not be granted under the following circumstances:

  • Damages that have not been recorded in the log book, the latter having to be maintained mandatorily up to date during the period of the boat rental ;
  • Damages to the spinnakers, gennackers and other light sails of the same type, as well as to sails older than 24 months ;
  • Damages to or loss of the annex and/or its motor;
  • Loss of any fixed or non fixed elements of the boat at sea ;
  • Damages occurred in case of piloting by the skipper of a boat of a mixed nature without a valid licence or certificate, in case the skipper trespasses the navigation zone as defined in the Navigation License or trespasses the navigation zone corresponding to the actual fitting out, unless engaged in a case of assistance ( law of July 7 th 1967), does not comply with the Nautical Code as respects nautical instructions or its annexes, and any local instructions ;
  • Damages occurred during races or solo races, or record breaking attempts ;
  • Any intentional, criminal or illegal act by the insured person ;
  • Damages caused to third parties ;
  • Partial or total theft, or boat-jacking ;
  • In case of material deficiency caused by wear and tear or normal use, when the boat is sailed under normal circumstances ;
  • Consequences of war or civil war, riots, lock-outs, insurrections, and ionising radiations or contaminations by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel;
  • In case the contract has no excess or no security deposit.
In addition to the above, no coverage shall be granted f under the following circumstances:
  • When, before the departure of the cruise, the official checking of the boat and the inventory have not been made and recorded in the log book;
  • When the Person in charge notices, after the official checking of the boat, any deficiencies recorded on the log book that have not been repaired before the departure of the cruise.

6 Insurance premium

Coverage by this policy is granted in exchange of a premium paid in total for the full period of time, amounting to 3% -taxes included - of the total price of the cruise, and subject to a minimum of 55 €.